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JAMBO! Safiri Tours Africa wish to thank you for visiting us. We are a Travel and Safari company that provides safari and holiday services in Kenya.We also make Hotel and Lodge bookings, do Flight Ticketing and Car Hire among other holiday and safari related services.

Our Safaris

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    Wildlife Safaris

    Masai Mara: 3 Days, 2 Nights

    Masai Mara stands out as the best wildlife reserve in Kenya. The name ‘Mara’ means spotted as the croton bushes and shrubs found in the reserve are scattered and appear like dark spots over the grasslands which over most of the seasons look like golden fields.

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    Family Holidays

    Safiri Tours Africa have designed family holidays to Kenya with a lot of fun activities to keep the whole family happy.

    The packages take a minimum 10 days and start in Nairobi, then the Mt. Kenya-Laikipia region (alternativelySamburu – Meru National parks)..

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    Beach Vacations

    Below are some of our vacation packages that take you to the Kenyan coast of Mombasa. Mombasa is divided into the North and South Coast

    Its an attraction to visitors that want to surf, swim and have a good time at the Indian Ocean.

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    Baloon Safaris

    Hot Air Balloon Safaris allow many of the animals to be seen from the air and, viewed from an altitude of several thousand feet.

    Balloon Safaris take off just before dawn so that you are high above the plains in time for sunrise. Flights lasts for approximately one hour drifting wherever the air currents take you.

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    Desert Safari

    Leave Nairobi and head to Samburu Game Reserve which through Acher’s Post the gate of Northern Kenya. Spend the night at Samburu intrepid.

    The new superhighway leads you away from the hassle and tassel of the busy city. Expansive plantations of pineapples will welcome you to the central highlands of Kenya. 

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    Nairobi Urban Safari

    Nairobi city ‘Green city in the Sun’ is the only city where you can have the privilege to see animals in their natural habitat.

    Nairobi National Park is 117km square and easily accessible after a turn from the heavy city traffic.

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